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 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.txz2021-07-28 12:03 673K
 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.lst2021-07-28 12:16 9.2K
 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.meta2021-07-28 12:16 578
 README2021-07-28 12:03 555
 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.txz.asc2021-07-28 12:16 508
 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.txt2021-07-28 12:16 348
 mu-1.6.0-x86_64-1cf.txz.md52021-07-28 12:16 58

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mu (collection of utilties for indexing and searching Maildirs)

mu is a tool for dealing with e-mail messages stored in the 
mu's main purpose is to help you to quickly find the messages you
need; in addition, it allows you to view messages, extract
attachments, create new maildirs, …


REQUIRES: webkitgtk