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 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.txz2020-10-05 14:20 36K
 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.lst2020-10-05 14:22 1.7K
 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.meta2020-10-05 14:22 611
 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.txt2020-10-05 14:22 375
 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.txz.asc2020-10-05 14:22 512
 lwatch-0.6.2-x86_64-6cf.txz.md52020-10-05 14:22 62
 README2021-11-13 14:28 521

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lwatch (Colourizing a system logs for easier reading)

lwatch is a log parser/analyzer written in C with the PCRE library.
It is small and efficient. You are able to define your own colors
using regexp patterns. The biggest advantage compared to other tools
written in Perl is its speed.