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 README2018-04-23 20:48 453
 splitjob-2.0-x86_64-2cf.lst2018-04-23 20:53 1.6K
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 splitjob-2.0-x86_64-2cf.txt2018-04-23 20:53 336
 splitjob-2.0-x86_64-2cf.txz2018-04-23 20:48 17K
 splitjob-2.0-x86_64-2cf.txz.asc2018-04-23 20:53 512
 splitjob-2.0-x86_64-2cf.txz.md52018-04-23 20:53 62

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splitjob (split jobs utility)

This is a small utility which splits up data read as input into
blocks of a chosen size, sends such blocks to parallel invocations
of some program and concatenates the output of those invocations