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 README2017-02-11 09:16 432
 scour-0.35-x86_64-3cf.lst2017-02-11 09:17 3.1K
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 scour-0.35-x86_64-3cf.txt2017-02-11 09:17 276
 scour-0.35-x86_64-3cf.txz2017-02-11 09:16 76K
 scour-0.35-x86_64-3cf.txz.asc2017-02-11 09:17 473
 scour-0.35-x86_64-3cf.txz.md52017-02-11 09:17 60

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scour (SVG scrubber)

Scour is a Python tool that takes an SVG file and produces a cleaner
and more concise file. It is intended to be used after exporting to
SVG with a GUI editor, such as Inkscape.